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Live Fades Out Now! (Free EP)

Synnack Vs Torrent Vaccine (Live)

 photo live fades web2.jpg

“Synnack versus Torrent Vaccine” is a live performance featuring on-the-fly mashups of dark electronic music by Clint Sand of Synnack and Brad Perkins of Torrent Vaccine. This performance was recorded live in New Orleans on Dec. 11th 2009 while opening for Nitzer Ebb. We are very pleased to have recovered the tapes from the show and hope you all enjoy!

Music: Synnack, Torrent Vaccine
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Live Video: VJ Tekfi3nd
Live Recording: Hans Wax
Photography: Joey Palazzo

Special Thanks to TERRORFAKT and everyone who attended the show.

Release date: September 16 2015

Live Fades

Synnack Vs. Torrent Vaccine

coming soon…

 photo LIVE FADES final 500.jpg


Music: Synnack, Torrent Vaccine
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Live Video: VJ Tekfi3nd
Live Recording: Hans Wax

Release date: Sept 2015

SIB Volume 3

Torrent Vaccine – Somewhere In Between Volume 3

 photo TV Somewhere Inbetween vol 3 500.jpg

SIB Volume 3 is part two of a two album set featuring unreleased tracks, demos, and remixes. 1998-2008

The Album contains a remix by Zero Order and includes our first demos remastered.

Art: Seth Kelly
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Original Music: Brad Vaccine
Special thanks to Jonathan Ward

Release date: July 17 2015

SIB Volume 2

Torrent Vaccine – Somewhere In Between Volume 2

 photo Somewhere-Inbetween-vol-2 web.jpg

SIB Volume 2 is a collection of unreleased tracks, demos, and remixes from 1998-2008. A lot has happened over the last 5 years and that’s something that I may get into one day. Nonetheless, I’m happy to be able to share this with you now.

The Album contains remixes by mangadrive, iammynewt, Skullduggery, and Odachi.

Art: Seth Kelly
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Original Music: Brad Vaccine
Additional Mixing: Bee Teknofiend
Special thanks to J.W. Kelly

Release date: June 23rd 2015

Dragon Con

Atlanta, Sept 1st 2012

Hello Atlanta, I’m going to be in town this week for Dragon Con and I’ll be a guest DJ at The Shelter on Saturday, September 1st. See you soon.

Symbiote (Torrent Vaccine RMX)

mangadrive – Ecifitra

Ecifitra is an audio chemistry set full of noise that was spawned during the recording of “Artifice”. This playlist features remixes from special guests as well as reworks by Mangadrive themselves. It also includes brand new, unreleased material to make the whole package push past the typical example of a “remix album”.

The Album contains remixes and reworks by Human Error, Torrent Vaccine, Cellmod, iammynewt, Raziel Panic of You Shriek, and a guest appearance by Ben Arp. Ecifitra was mastered by Chris Corzort.

Release date: March 31st 2012



Yes, I know it has taken forever but I am recording now. :)

Crunch Pod Announces Charity Compilation


Throughout much of the United States animals have about as many rights as a piece of furniture. There are more laws protecting your car then there are for animals. They are considered nothing more than “property” and do not deserve any rights. People who abuse them usually get little to no punishment for the suffering they cause. It’s time for that to change.

JUSTICIA PRO BESTIA (Justice for Animals) is a collection of artists who believe that animals deserve their own rights and much more. All the proceeds from the sale of this digital compilation will be donated to The Animal Legal Defense Fund (http://www.aldf.org ) Since 1979 they have been fighting for animal rights, domestic and wild, by working to improve and expand laws protecting animals and to help make penalties against animal abusers much tougher. All the songs and remixes found on JUSTICIA PRO BESTIA are previously unreleased. Artists appearing are…

Manufactura, Polluted Axis, C/A/T, Uberbyte, Mangadrive, Lexincrypt, Cervello Electtronico, Sinsect, Bitch Brigade, Caustic, 9th Evolution, Xiescive, Die Sektor, Aliceffekt, Lucidstatic, Terrorfakt, Lapsed, The Break Up, System Syn, Iammynewt, Rec|use, Filament 38, and Torrent Vaccine.

Available August 2nd through all major and most indie digital download sites.

Crunch Pod

Torrent Vaccine DJ set in NOLA with DJ Jyrki 69

NOLA / July 9th / 2011

DJ Jyrki 69 of Finnish Gothic rock legends the 69 Eyes return to New Orleans for his only US appearance on a special DJ tour!

On Saturday, July 9, 2011, experience Fangtasia–a dance night of bloodsucking beats and vampiric rock n’ roll. Joining Jyrki is Attrition’s own DJ Sneauxball, along with a special DJ battle between the Chamber’s Torrent Vaccine (Bit Riot Records) and DJ Flyhaed. Rounding out the evening’s entertainment is a Goth-girl DJ fight you won’t want to miss, as Lucifera takes on Stitch of Suicide Assyst.

Vampire fangs will be made on premises by Dark Awakenings–New Orleans’s premiere fangsmith!

Giveaways provided by Cleopatra Records, the End Records, and Sigh Co. Graphics, with sponsorship graciously provided by Seraphemera Books, Attrition, the Chamber, French Quarter Phantoms, and Skully’z Records.

Advance tickets and VIP packages available HERE!

From the Future.

Vintage Radio

AM Radio / UFO. This thing would sound awesome belting out some Torrent Vaccine, just need to find a good AM station that takes requests.