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rEmiXUDE (Free Download)

Release Date:2009
Label:Bit Riot Records

rEmiXUDE includes 3 contest winners and 5 other favorites from the hundreds that participated in the “Torrent Vaccine Exude Remix Contest” sponsored by PreSonus in October 2008.

Each remix on the EP stands out on its own, ranging from dark and ambient to absolute chaos. Every electronic music enthusiast should download these 8 tracks and why not? They are FREE!

The original version of Exude appears on the Torrent Vaccine album Tentative Response , available now from Bit Riot Records.

You can download rEmiXUDE for free by exploring the widget above or by visiting one of the links below:

Bit Riot Records
FiXT Online Store
Vampire Freaks Music Store

1. Exude (Mangadrive)
2. Exude (Phonogeist)
3. Exude (Masoschizm)
4. Exude (RFID)
5. Exude (6RME)
6. Exude (The Autopsy Report)
7. Exude (Kevindustrial)
8. Exude (Baconhanger)


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