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Live Fades

Synnack Vs. Torrent Vaccine

coming soon…

 photo LIVE FADES final 500.jpg


Music: Synnack, Torrent Vaccine
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Live Video: VJ Tekfi3nd
Live Recording: Hans Wax

Release date: Sept 2015

SIB Volume 3

Torrent Vaccine – Somewhere In Between Volume 3

 photo TV Somewhere Inbetween vol 3 500.jpg

SIB Volume 3 is part two of a two album set featuring unreleased tracks, demos, and remixes. 1998-2008

The Album contains a remix by Zero Order and includes our first demos remastered.

Art: Seth Kelly
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Original Music: Brad Vaccine
Special thanks to Jonathan Ward

Release date: July 17 2015

Video Test

100710 / NOLA

100710 / test from Torrent Vaccine on Vimeo.


Until next time…

Many Thanks:
VJ Tekfi3nd
Hans Wax
Attrition and Zotz Cafe Productions
and EVERYONE who came out to show support!

(expect some video and audio very soon)

Synnack v2.5

v2.5 is a FREE Download

download it here

Torrent Vaccine is also featured on this weeks Regen Podcast.

Synnack Vs Torrent Vaccine Interview

Reengineering Performance Metrics

Clint Sand and Brad Perkins, the driving forces behind Synnack and Torrent Vaccine, respectively, each bring a unique and extremely innovative vision to their recorded works. Torrent Vaccine revels in intense atmosphere, mixing glitch, harmonies and strong rhythms to create complex instrumental soundscapes. Meanwhile, the impossible-to-pin-down Synnack explores all matter of sonic IDM structures, effortlessly prancing from light and airy ambient work to hard bass-driven dance floor-ready anthems.

read the full interview

Torrent Vaccine is also featured on this weeks Regen Podcast.

Website v2.0 is live.

Gizmo approves new website. Launch proceeds.

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