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Live Fades

Synnack Vs. Torrent Vaccine

coming soon…

 photo LIVE FADES final 500.jpg


Music: Synnack, Torrent Vaccine
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Live Video: VJ Tekfi3nd
Live Recording: Hans Wax

Release date: Sept 2015

SIB Volume 3

Torrent Vaccine – Somewhere In Between Volume 3

 photo TV Somewhere Inbetween vol 3 500.jpg

SIB Volume 3 is part two of a two album set featuring unreleased tracks, demos, and remixes. 1998-2008

The Album contains a remix by Zero Order and includes our first demos remastered.

Art: Seth Kelly
Mastering: Chris Cozort
Original Music: Brad Vaccine
Special thanks to Jonathan Ward

Release date: July 17 2015