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Tentative Response

Released by: Bit Riot Records
Release/catalogue number: BR6003
Release date: Aug 26, 2008

01. Perfectly Normal
02. Exude
03. Sequence
04. They Walk
05. Transcend
06. DMF
07. Pessimist Lo-Fi
08. Ec Neu Qes
09. Focus
10. Synthesis
11. Did You Hear A Sound
12. Gain Deflector
13. Out Of The Dark
14. Tentative Response


The first full-length release from Baton Rouge’s Torrent Vaccine, Tentative Response is a tour-de-force in experimental music. Managing to be atmospheric and moody as well as intense and lively, Tentative Response is enjoyable on many levels, making it much more universally accessible than your average experimental album. With lush and complex instrumental soundscapes that remind the listener of a grim and gritty version of Meat Beat Manifesto or Coil, Torrent Vaccine has crafted a harsh and unsympathetic world of glitches and harmonies.
-Trubie Turner of REGEN Magazine-

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