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There are many projects in motion here. A new full length entitled “r0ach”, 2 side projects, remixes and a few scattered shows throughout the year. I have also posted a demo of the track “Tentative Response” from back in 2008. :)



That was fast

Today marks 10 years of live performance as Torrent Vaccine. Thanks for all of your continued support. We hope you have solid holidays.

(This is the first track I wrote back in 2000 / FREE DOWNLOAD)

Synnack: an interview with Clint Sand

By Kathleen Chausse / Connexion Bizarre

Defying an easy description, synnack is perhaps best described as “experimental electronic music”; fusing elements of ambient, noise, industrial, and IDM musical styles with new media performance mediums. Live, synnack uses a combination of custom computer environments and live instruments to remix and manipulate audio at fundamental levels. Though mostly computer generated, synnack is said to sound strangely organic and no two synnack performances are the same.
Visit synnack.com for more information and free synnack release downloads.

read the full interview

Video Test

100710 / NOLA

100710 / test from Torrent Vaccine on Vimeo.


Until next time…

Many Thanks:
VJ Tekfi3nd
Hans Wax
Attrition and Zotz Cafe Productions
and EVERYONE who came out to show support!

(expect some video and audio very soon)


Covenant w/ Torrent Vaccine, VJ Tekfi3nd, and Suicide Assyst

For the very first time, COVENANT comes to New Orleans, in what is sure
to be a night that no one will forget!

Opening acts will feature Louisiana’s own Suicide Assyst, followed by
Torrent Vaccine w/ VJ Tekfi3nd and DJ sets by Nanashi, Sneauxball and Saturnine!

Advance tickets through ticketweb.com are $18

$23 at the door
Doors at 8pm
Show at 9pm

Be sure not to miss this one!

An Attrition and Zotz Cafe Production


I’m not eating that…..

My PC shot fire out of its ass last night. The Swamp Wizard cast a healing spell
and we were able to carry on. Today, I installed a new power supply and bought
some Vaccine candy. So far, So good.

and a new project!

oh yeah….it works.

Synnack v2.5

v2.5 is a FREE Download

download it here

Torrent Vaccine is also featured on this weeks Regen Podcast.

Synnack Vs Torrent Vaccine Interview

Reengineering Performance Metrics

Clint Sand and Brad Perkins, the driving forces behind Synnack and Torrent Vaccine, respectively, each bring a unique and extremely innovative vision to their recorded works. Torrent Vaccine revels in intense atmosphere, mixing glitch, harmonies and strong rhythms to create complex instrumental soundscapes. Meanwhile, the impossible-to-pin-down Synnack explores all matter of sonic IDM structures, effortlessly prancing from light and airy ambient work to hard bass-driven dance floor-ready anthems.

read the full interview

Torrent Vaccine is also featured on this weeks Regen Podcast.

Website v2.0 is live.

Gizmo approves new website. Launch proceeds.